Friday, October 26, 2007

Photos from Buseok-sa

The team: From left; Korean Mountaineering League President Shawn Morrissey; Kyunghee University Prof.David Mason; Trekker Roger Shepherd; ROK Tourism Ambassador and UNWTO ST-EP foundation chairperson Dho Young-shim; Trekker Andrew Douch and Ven. Dosun-seunim, General secretary of Buseok-sa temple.
팀:좌로부터; 한국등산연맹 대표 Shawn Morrissey; 경희대학교 교수 David Mason; 여행자 Roger Shepherd;한국체육관광대사이며 UNWTO STEP재단 이사장 도영심; 여행자 Andrew Douch와 Ven. 부석사 총무스님,도순스님.

Photo by the Poet Rayn Roberts

David explaining the purpose of the mission.
Photo by the poet Rayn Roberts

Andrew explaining what it means to be an Andong man.

Roger telling it like it is.

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