Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Way North

This map of the Korean Peninsula shows the full length of the Baekdu-daegan ridge.
The arrow indicates Jinbu-ryeong (pass) where the trail ends in South Korea.
Approximate schedule:
WEEK 1: 09/01/07 Start point Jungsan-ri at Jiri-san National Park and regions north of there.
WEEK 2: 09/08/07 entering Dogyu-san National Park
WEEK 3: 09/15/07 in the Chupung-ryeong area
WEEK 4: 09/22/07 Sogni-san National Park area
WEEK 5: 09/29/07 Worak-san national Park area.
WEEK 6: 10/06/07 Sobaek-san National Park area
WEEK 7: 10/13/07 Taebak-san provincial park area
WEEK 8: 10/20/07 Odae-san National Park area
WEEK 9: 10/27/07 Seorak-san National Park area
WEEK 10: 11/03/07 Final Leg to Jinbu-ryeong – end point

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