Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 walk and guide book update

Writing the guide book for the Baekdudaegan has been a bit like walking the ridge itself, long and arduous. It'd be fair to say that 90% of this encyclopedia of cultural and historical information has been done, and is now in the hands of the publishers. The Baekdudaegan, once you investigate it further is a truly remarkable landmark on the peninsula, and like an old tree, has stood there and watched Korea manufacture its course of history since Dangun (3000BC) and before. The book will hopefully be ready for sale by mid-year 2009. I in the meantime will be returning to Korea in late March to begin the 2000km exploration of the 9 jeong-maeks that feed off the Baekdu-daegan. The webiste I will run during this expedition will be at, currently up but still under development. I plan to display on its pages photo slide shows, quirky home videos, all backed by NZ music only. There s no doubt that I will meet many different people on the way, it should be a melody of comedy, seriousness, wonder, drunkedness, and weirdness. See you at NB: The Baekdu-daegan guidebook should be a hoot as well.

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